What is Triib?

Triib (pronounced Tribe) is a software application that we use to schedule classes and track results for our members. We are rolling out the scheduling feature of the Triib app to our members Friday September 25th. Classes scheduled for Saturday September 26th and beyond will require reservations to be made via the Triib mobile application.

How to I get the application?

The Triib application is available for download on Apple iOS via the Apple app store and Android via the Google Play Store.

How do I reset my password?

From the home login screen when you first open the app, click the “Forgot Password” input the email address you have on file with CrossFit TakeOff, and a password reset link will be emailed to you. If you don’t know your email address you have on file mailto:cftohelp@gmail.com

How do I view the workouts?

The workouts can be viewed either from the Triib app by clicking on the Workouts heading and then selecting the day of the week you wish to look at.

When are the workouts published?

The next day’s workout will be published at 7 PM to the Triib application and also to the CrossFit TakeOff website here.

How do I to register for a class?

  1. Click Schedule
  2. Click the Class 
  3. Click Reserve Spot

What if a class is full?

If a class is full you will have the option to join the waitlist for that class. The waitlist is first come first served. If someone cancels out of the class that you are on the waitlist for you will be added into that class and receive a notification. For example if there are 3 people on the waitlist and you are 3rd on the list, you would need 3 of the people who actually have reservations for the class to cancel in order for you to get a spot.

Being on the wait list is not the same as having a reservation for a class, we need to make sure due to COVID-19 restrictions that only members with a reservation come to the gym for a class.

How to cancel a class reservation: 

  1. Click Agenda
  2. Select the reservation you wish to cancel
  3. Click Not Going

Please note that you can only cancel a reservation 8 hours from the start of the class.

How do I log my results?

When you finish your workout be sure to click on the results link on that workout to log your results.

How do I update my profile photo?

  1. Click Profile (photo)
  2. Click on the photo
  3. Choose from Library to upload a photo
  4. Click Photo to take a photo

How do I change my notification settings? 

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Turn on / off the notifications would you like

Currently Triib only sends notifications when your waitlist status for a class changes, someone likes one of your workouts or comments on one of your results.

How do I view my in app notifications? 

All new notifications will appear in the top right with a notifications bell and the number of notifications. 

Alternatively, you can also click on the 3 bars and then click messages to view all notifications.

I had reset my password and now it shows my old gym?

If you have to reset your password in Triib because you get signed out of the application that’s ok. Just don’t re-use the same password that you were using previously. If you re-use the same password and you belonged to a gym previously that used Triib you may end up signed in looking at your old gyms data.