Thursday 2/6/2020

Partners – Pick a partner you do not know well. Not your bestie, not your sister, not your brotato chip. Pick someone you have never partnered with.

“Follow the Leader”
For time:
6 rounds
500 meter row
12 dead lifts 185/135
21 box jumps 24/20

*You must follow your partner and complete 3 rounds each for 6 rounds total. You may not pass your partner. Once partner A finishes the row, partner B may start their row (round 2). Once partner A finished deadlifts, Partner B May start their deadlifts.

You’re not done yet…


100 partner med ball sit-ups
(Partner A Starr’s with Med ball, brings ball back, taps the ground behind head, sits up and passes to partner B for their rep)


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