Monday 3/23/20

Ascending Ladder for 15:00:
2 Odd-Object to Shoulder
2 Odd-Object Goblet Squats
2 Odd-Object Facing Burpees
4 Odd-Object to Shoulder
4 Odd-Object Goblet Squats
4 Odd- Object Facing Burpees
*Continue to add 2 reps to each movement

• Let’s see how far we can get in this 15 Minute workout
• After each set of burpees we’ll add 2 reps to each movement
• Let’s try to hold on to the Odd-Object through the squats and break up the Odd-Object to shoulder when we need to
• Your score here will be total rounds + reps
For Example

  • If you complete the rounds of 12’s for each movement and make it through 14 Odd-Object to Shoulder and 10 Odd-Object Goblet Squats your score would be 12+24
    • We want planned breaks here, and not to get forced into long breaks

Post your scores to the comments. This is our temporary whiteboard! Everyone likes to know where they stack up so let’s hear it! Let us know what your odd object is!

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