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Overcoming and adapting to our physical limitations is a challenge.  We can choose to allow them to define us, or we can choose to conquer them.  When I was 2 years old I had pneumonia of both my lungs and my wind pipe swelled to the point where no air could get through.  Seconds from death and/or brain damage, an emergency tracheotomy saved my life.  My recovery, however, caused another problem.  My recovery shots and medication were given into my left thigh, which caused nerve damage from the knee down.  I left the hospital being physically unable to lift my foot.  Years of braces and casts and surgeries left me with a choice of being “handicapped” or  adapting.  I chose to adapt.  I would not let my physical limitations stop me from doing nearly everything that others could do.  Neither should you.


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

CrossFit KettleBell Instructor Under Jeff Martone

CrossFit Gymnastics Instructor under Kevin Montoya

CrossFit Rowing Instructor under Olympian Erin Cafaro

CrossFit Mobility Instructor under Kelly Starrett


Bachelor of Arts in Theater- University of Massachusetts.

Masters of Business Administration- University of Massachusetts (magna cum laude).